Karen Van Hook, Ph.D.

Accent Modification for Speakers of
English as a Foreign Language

Yes, you can.

You can change your accent. If you speak English as a foreign language, you already know the pronunciation isn’t easy. The good news is that no matter how long you’ve been speaking English, you can learn more native-like pronunciation. You can learn to pronounce even the most difficult sounds of American English correctly. And you can learn to use more of the rhythm and “music” of the native sound.

What are your goals?

Do you want to sound much more fluent and native-like? Maybe you’re an advanced speaker—everyone understands you without a problem, but you’d like to sound more fluent, natural and confident. Or maybe you still have people asking you to repeat yourself—you’d like everyone to understand you easily. Whatever level you’re at, you can acquire a more native-like accent.


Thank you to all of the interesting people I spoke with at the Flash Memory Summit!

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The Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California was a great experience. Interesting people from around the world stopped by the Chosen Voice booth. Some have already signed up for their free accent evaluation. If my calendar fills up, I’ll try to find a way to make some more availability, so please check back or send me an email.

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When is a Foreign Accent an Asset?

Some speakers of English as a foreign language want to retain aspects of their own accents, and there are good reasons for them to do so. The key is knowing when and how a foreign accent becomes an advantage.


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